February 16 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS

Antique Outboard Boat and Motor Exhibit

One of the great aspects of the Indy Boat Sport &Travel Show is the fact that folks can come and see the Latest, most innovative and up to date gear for outdoor men & women. Our 62nd Indy Boat Sport & Travel Show again is proud to add a special educational element to the event as Jay Walls and Rick Eichrodt will be displaying their Antique Outboard Motors and Boats for anyone who wishes to see how far outboard boat motors have come.

  Their display will have over 60 motors, several over 100 years old, and a few factory racing models. Rick and Jay are both local members of the Antique Outboard Motor Club which is an International organization whose fundamental purpose is to provide a means of communication for those who are interested in research and exchange of knowledge pertaining to the history and preservation of antique outboard boat motors. Jay says that during show hours the antique outboard display booth will have knowledgeable club members available who can answer questions about motors or the hobby. Come see this blast from the past at the Indy Boat Sport &Travel Show. 

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