February 17 – 26, 2017 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS

Tackle Town

Fishing is America’s most popular recreational pastime, and your angling passion is the inspiration behind Tackle Town – the 70,000 square-foot all-things-angling marketplace greeting all visitors as they enter the Ford, Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show.  Remember the huge…  READ MORE> Read more >

K-9 X Games presented by Alpha K9 U

K-9 X Games (Shows) are performances by the Alpha K-9 U Crew exhibiting K-9 Obedience & the different Dock-Diving sports disciplines such as X-treme Retrieve, X-treme Vertical and demonstrating the newest discipline, X-treme Air, which will soon be added to…  READ MORE> Read more >

Axe Throw

The Alasken Timbermen will choose eight guests to complete two teams of four. Guests will compete in three rounds to complete the competition. Each participant is given three attempts to throw the axe at the target. Each round is judged…  READ MORE> Read more >

The Alaska TimberMen Lumberjack Show

Voted a must-see by The Travel Channel, The Alaskan lumberjacks battle it out in chopping, sawing, tree climbing, axe throwing, log rolling, and much more. The competition is real so get all your rowdy friends together and join in cheering…  READ MORE> Read more >

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