February 17 – 26, 2017 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS

Jeff Courier

Flycasting 101 – Learn the BasicsLearn the basics with a rundown from Jeff on the rod, reel and line. Why use a 5-weight? Why is a fly line so expensive? He’ll show you how to set up, then teach you how…  READ MORE> Read more >

Bottomfeeders 2017

James Sanders - Founder of Team Fish Fighters - Captain of Team Fish Fighters - 20+ years experience carp fishing - Personal best (PB) 32.6# Mirror carp – Personal best (PB) 28.11# Common  About James Sanders  Billy DeHaven - Owner/Operator…  READ MORE> Read more >

Ron Streeter

About Ron Streeter  Read more >

Jay Gillfillan

Shallow Water Power Fishing Line Choice Seminar speaker for Team Hawg Trough – avid outdoors-man and tournament angler from Midwest Ohio   Read more >

Marques Green

Jerkbait BasicsLearn the fundamentals of one of the most productive baits used in the springtime. Everything you’ll need to know about jerkbaits is shared by Marques! About Marques Green Read more >

Matt Morgan

Using Electronics to Break Down Tournament Waters Spider Rigging 101 all the way to Advanced Techniques  About Matt Morgan Read more >

Matt Firestein

Musky Fishing Casting Basics Musky Fishing Trolling 101 Weekend Warriors Guide to Musky Fishing Lake St. Clair Get More Out of Your Canadian Fishing Trip  About Matt Firestein Read more >

Billy McDonald

Shallow Water Fishing Year Round  Deep Water Ledge Fishing With Different Baits Smallmouth Bass Fishing in the Great Lakes About Billy McDonald Read more >

Dan Armitage

Kids’ Fishing FunDan presents an interactive program for beginning anglers of all ages. Topics include how to select and use basic tackle, bobbers and cane poles. About Dan Armitage Read more >

Todd Hollowell

About Todd Hollowell   Read more >

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