February 17 – 26, 2017 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS

Charles Breedlove – IN Catfish Assoc.

Drift Fishing for Catfish About Charles Breedlove Read more >

Chris Wallace – IN Catfish Assoc.

Catching More and Bigger Fish Catfish Conservation Catfish Tournaments  Sponsorship’s Indiana Trophy Catfishing About Chris Wallace Read more >

Sam Heaton – Courtesy of B’n'M Poles

About Sam Heaton Read more >

Lance Valentine

Sonar Basics and Beyond About Lance Valentine  Read more >

Mike Kail

Multi Species Fishing in the Same Day on Lake Michigan Mike Kail Read more >

Marques Green

Jerkbait BasicsLearn the fundamentals of one of the most productive baits used in the springtime. Everything you’ll need to know about jerkbaits is shared by Marques! About Marques Green Read more >

Tommy Thornton

Jig Fishing in Brush Drop and Retrieve Technique Fun Fishing Crappie Fishing on Patoka Lake About Tommy Thornton   Read more >

Matt Morgan

Catching Crappie 12 Months of the Year Ask the Pros: Crappie Fishing The Right Equipment to Catch Crappie All Year About Matt Morgan Read more >

Matt Firestein

Trolling Methods to Improve Your Catch Rate – On Any Body of Water!Targeting your fish by using particular trolling methods – whether it’s jig, downrigger, flat-lining or another method – is a smart way to improve your catch rate! Casting…  READ MORE> Read more >

Scott Wiseman – IN Catfish Assoc.

General Catfishing Knowing the Correct Bait to Use Scott Wiseman Read more >

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