February 16 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
Charlie Hildreth

Charlie Hildreth

Charlie Hildrith, a top crappie fisherman in the Mid-West, lives in Gaston, Indiana with his wife Laura, and their two daughters. Charlie has appeared on the Sportsman Channel and Mid-West Crappie television shows. He also has been published in In-Fisherman and Crappie World magazine. Additionally, he has won and been seen in numerous local and national competitions.

He is a member of the Delaware Propeller, Original Fish Formula, and Southern Pro, pro-staffs Fishing the crappie tournament trail since 1993, he has achieved many accomplishments; 15-time Crappie USA Classic Qualifier, 4 time C.A.S.T. Classic Qualifier, 7 time Buckeye Crappie Challenge Classic Qualifier, C.A.S.T. National Points Champions in 2003, C.A.S.T  Points runner up in 2004, 2011 Indiana Slab Masters Points Champion and Classic Runner-up and 2011 Buckeye Challenge Classic Runner-up.

Charlie has developed several techniques which everyone from kids to tournament anglers can use on their local lake and river to catch more and larger crappie. He will share these tips to help you become a better angler.

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