February 16 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS



 ‘CHICS WITH AXES’ – A team of All Female Logging Sports Athletes

Highlighting the History of North Americas’ 1800’s Lumbering Era!

 Timber Tina’s “World Champion Lumberjills” is a group of female, logging sports athletes that compete in the ‘Olympics of the Forest’ including Underhand Chopping, Cross-Cut Sawing, Axe Throwing, Stihl Power ‘Hot’ Sawing and Log Rolling!

 ‘Timber’ Tina Scheer, a 35-year veteran Lumberjill, heads up the group. She grew up in the small vacation town of Hayward, WI which has been the home of the Lumberjack World Championships since 1960. She started Log Rolling at 8 years old and eventually picked up a racing axe, which launched her into the chopping and sawing events as well… and the rest… as they say is ‘Her-story! She has traveled around the world with Logging Sports, has been featured on countless TV Shows and is a pioneer in her sport.

 For 15 years Tina performed and traveled with her family’s Lumberjack Show and then she decided to branch off on her own, so she moved to Maine and started the ‘Chics with Axes’ traveling Lumberjill Show along with the home-based Great Maine Lumberjack Show outside of Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.

 In the World Champion Lumberjills – Chics with Axes event there will be two teams of female athletes from Canada & the US that will compete against each other in Chopping, Sawing, Log Rolling and more! In their exhibition they will use competition razor sharp racing axes and saws from Australia & New Zealand and roll in their 4000 gallon Log Rolling tank!

 Timber Tina’s “World Champion Lumberjills” provide thrilling & fun entertainment for all ages. ‘Timber’ Tina as the Emcee will delight crowds of all ages with a blend of history, comedy and education all while illustrating the fast paced events and the thrills and spills one comes to expect with the legendary Logging Sports!

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