February 16 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS


The education raptors from Hardy Lake’s Dwight Chamberlain Raptor will be at the DNR booth on February 21st and March 1st.  These non-releasable birds of prey travel throughout the State as education ambassadors.  The raptor center at Hardy Lake also serves as the only State owned bird of prey rehabilitation center and takes in, on average, 100 injured or orphaned birds each year.  The center is run through a cooperative effort between the Indiana Division of State Parks and the non-profit group Friends of Hardy Lake.



Jarrett Manek and staff of O’Bannon Woods State Park perform the “Snakes Alive, Snake Buffett”; bringing a dozen native species of snakes, both venomous and non-venomous to look at in a safe, but close environment.  From large to small, these snakes provoke intrigue and lots of stories for kids and parents alike.  Whether you are young or old, you can get the opportunity to see these unusual animals up close and maybe even touch a non-venomous one.



Join us at the DNR Booth in Tackle town on Sunday Feb. 22 from 11-4 to meet a few of our furry Conservation Officers who are in the K9 unit. The Indiana Canine Resource Protection Program started in 1997.  The canines are trained in Man-tracking, Wildlife Detection and Evidence Recovery Searches.  The program currently has seven K9 Units and will be expanding to ten K9 Units this winter.  The canines are sporting breed dogs rather than your traditional police dog breeds.  All the canines are donated or rescued from animal shelters.  You will be able to pet the dogs and watch them in action as they show you what they are trained to do.

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