February 17 – 26, 2017 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
Friday February 19, 2016

Friday February 19, 2016

2:00 PM     Matt Morgan                    Catching Crappie 12 Months of the Year
3:00 PM    Scott Wiseman                 General Catfishing
4:00 PM    Billy McDonald                 Shallow Water Fishing Year Round
5:00 PM    Matt Firestein                    Trolling Methods to Improve Your Catch Rates
6:00 PM    Tommy Thornton             Jig Fishing in Brush

5:00 PM     Xpogo Stunt Team
6:00 PM     Dock-Diving Practice
6:30 PM     Xpogo Stunt Team
7:00 PM     Alpha K-9 U Air Wave #1

3:00 PM     Mac and the Big Cheese – Ultimate Camp Cooking
4:00 PM     Visit Indiana – Discover Indiana’s Tourism Assets
5:00 PM     Mac and the Big Cheese – Ultimate Camp Cooking

2:00 PM     Dave & Emily Whitlock    Tailwater Tactics for Trout                              
2:00 PM     Jeff Currier                        Flycasting 101 – Learn the Basics             
3:00 PM    Dustan Harley                   Your Guide to Fly Fishing Guides                            
4:00 PM    Jeff Currier                         Fly Fishing Through Midlife Heaven                    
4:30 PM    Jerry Darkes                      Sinking Lines to Expand Fly Fishing Horizons          
5:00 PM    Chad Miller                        Terrestrials for Smallmouth Bass               
6:00 PM    Greg Senyo                       Building the Universal Streamer Box

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