February 16 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS

Jeff Currier

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Flycasting 101 – Learn the Basics
Learn the basics with a rundown from Jeff on the rod, reel and line. Why use a 5-weight? Why is a fly line so expensive? He’ll show you how to set up, then teach you how to get started in the backyard. He explains how to make that first cast all the way through to Roll Casting and a few tricks for dealing with wind!

Fly Casting in the Wind and Double Haul
In “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul,” Jeff emphasizes that the wind should be your friend. He begins by demonstrating some of the simple tricks for dealing with wind – over the shoulder casts, the Belgian cast, aggressive sidearm pick-ups and even casting with your opposite hand. Jeff believes the double haul is the most important casting tool next to casting and will prove anyone can learn it!

Fly Fishing Through Midlife Heaven

While most men approaching 50 years are experiencing “Midlife Crisis,” Jeff seems to have died and gone to heaven. In 2009 Jeff quit his day job of nearly 25 years running a fly shop amidst the most difficult financial times America has experienced since the Great Depression. Why? It was to follow his dreams. Jeff wanted to focus on his art, travel the country to teach and entertain about fly fishing, do more writing and best of all not have to ask permission every time he had an opportunity to go on a fishing trip. His friends and family told him he was crazy, but his wife Granny supported the move. Well, let’s just say Jeff hasn’t learned the discipline of self employment yet. He works just enough to afford the bills and more importantly, the plane tickets he needs to fish the world. Put your seatbelt on and travel with Jeff to the remote corners of the globe for the most amazing fish species ever pursued with a fly!

Improve Your Fishing Photos
Although Jeff doesn’t consider himself a photographer, his presentations are full of eye-catching photos and he tells amusing stories to go with them.  What would make your pictures better without getting technical?
In “Improve Your Fishing Photography”, Jeff tells you what cameras he uses and explains what makes a good photograph.  He breaks down how to take better “hero shots,” “fish portraits,” “landscapes” and “action shots”.  His advice on how to build your own show from that recent fishing trip is simple and will help anyone take a better fishing photo – and the photos he uses to get his point across will leave you in disbelief!

Four Seasons of the Yellowstone Trout Bum
Yellowstone National Park and its surrounding waters offer some of the best trout fly fishing in the world.  Jeff knows where to be in Yellowstone at the right time.  He knows the hatches and the best fly patterns.  Join Jeff as he leads you through the calendar year of a trout bum’s life on these fabled waters with breathtaking photos of beautiful fish, great wildlife and dreamy scenery.

Fly Fishing Warm Water – Bass, Pike, Carp and More
Jeff not only encourages you to give some new fish species a try but also teaches tactics for many fish such as smallmouth and largemouth bass, pike, carp and more.  Learn the best flies, what rods to use and what leaders work best.

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