February 17 – 26, 2017 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS

Mike DelVisco

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All Season Soft Plastics
Too many plastic baits in your box not getting used? If you’re like many anglers, you have an abundance of plastics that don’t get used. Well, dust them off and get ready to learn Mike’s process for picking the right plastic for the job all year long.

Ice Out Bassin
Timely bass fishing tips if you want to catch some bass as soon as the ice is out. Great cure for cabin fever as Mike talks about some of his favorite and obscure baits used early in the season.

Cranking Up Springtime Bass
Learn all you need to be productive in using and selecting crankbaits leading into Spring. Mike makes the process simple from location to technique to make you a better crankbait angler.

 About Mike DelVisco

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