February 16 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
Randell Gibson

Randell Gibson

Randell Gibson has been a professional guide for over 20 years, fishing the Cumberland River chain of lakes, Cordell Hull and Old Hickory reservoirs and Dale Hollow Lake. He specializes in targeting large stripers on the Cumberland River, but also fishes for stripers, trout and smallmouth bass.


His accomplishments include catching two state record fish, as well as guiding clients and friends to two more record fish, including the former Indiana state record striped bass.


Randell will be presenting seminars on all aspects of catching, taking care of, and proper presentation of live bait as well as equipment setups for fishing both live and artificial baits. He will also cover information on artificial lures, specifically what works, when and how to present them to be effective.



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