February 16 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017

2017 Ford Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show




 11:00 AM            Joe Thomas                        Modern Bass Techniques

12:00 PM             Dan Armitage                    Kids Fishing Fun

1:00 PM               Jacob Wheeler                  Bass- Top Water Fishing Made Easy

2:00 PM               Ted Takasaki                      Walleye – How to Troll in 4-Wheel Drive

3:00 PM               Joe Thomas                        Modern Bass Techniques

4:00 PM               Mike DelVisco                    Cranking Up Springtime Bass

5:00 PM               Jacob Wheeler                  Bass – The Importance of Knowing Your Electronics

6:00 PM               Ted Takasaki                      Jig for Walleye Like a Pro

7:00 PM               Chae Dolsen                       Hunting Musky in Indiana



9:00 AM                K-9 Dock-Diving Practice

9:30 AM                ALPHA K-9 Competition Wave #2

10:30 AM              Alaskan TimberMen Lumberjack Show

11:30 AM              K-9 Dock-Diving Practice

12:00 PM              ALPHA K-9 Competition Wave #3

1:30 PM                Alaskan TimberMen Lumberjack Show

2:30 PM                K-9 Dock-Diving Practice

3:00 PM                ALPHA K-9 Competition Wave #4

4:30 PM                Alaskan TimberMen Lumberjack Show

5:30 PM                ALPHA K-9 Competition Wave #5

7:00 PM                Alaskan TimberMen Lumberjack Show

8:00 PM                Alpha K-9 X’treme Retrieve



11:30 AM            Marty Koch – Gourmet Paddler Cooking Demo

2:00 PM               Mark Newman – Discover Indiana’s Tourism Assets         

3:00 PM               Marty Koch – Driving the Alaska Highway

4:30 PM               Marty Koch – Hiking the Ozarks and Beyond

6:30 PM               Marty Koch –Exploring the Shawnee National Forest

7:30 PM               Bob Hart – CIWC – Packing Your Day Pack for Exploring

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