February 17 – 26, 2017 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS

The Alaska TimberMen Lumberjack Show

Voted a must-see by The Travel Channel, The Alaskan lumberjacks battle it out in chopping, sawing, tree climbing, axe throwing, log rolling, and much more. The competition is real so get all your rowdy friends together and join in cheering on your team of athletes.

The Alaskan lumberjacks are known for their popularity on ESPN and have over five different competitions. 

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Ask the Pros Seminar Series

The Ask the Pros Fishing Seminar Series provides a unique seminar format that puts show goers into direct contact with the seminar speakers. It is an interactive forum, providing invaluable opportunities for seminar attendees to ask the questions most important to them.

Stay tuned for more details!

Fishing Seminars at the Hawg Trough

Come learn the latest techniques from nationally known anglers at our fishing seminars conducted atop the Hawg Trough. This 5,000 gallon aquarium measuring an astounding 40’ long, 4’ wide and 8’ deep, is one of the show’s leading attractions and fits nicely in the heart of Tackle Town. Here visitors can receive expert information from the pros as they watch various seminars conducted throughout the show. Watch in amazement as the best anglers in the country share their secrets and catch fish right before your eyes! Don’t forget to check out our speakers page for this year’s lineup!

K-9 X Games presented by Alpha K9 U

K-9 X Games (Shows) are performances by the Alpha K-9 U Crew exhibiting K-9 Obedience & the different Dock-Diving sports disciplines such as X-treme Retrieve, X-treme Vertical and demonstrating the newest discipline, X-treme Air, which will soon be added to the 2016 competition line up – then joining the Alpha K9 U Crew are Invited Handler Teams that will also be demonstrating the well-known “long jump for dogs” (Big Air) in this ever growing and thrilling K-9 sport.

For more information, go to alphak9u.com/events.html

Travel Cafe

The Travel Café is back with exciting travel destination presentations and videos!  Along with the fresh new travel ideas presented by the exhibitors within the Travel & Tourism section of the show, there will be new and unique in-show dining options.  The Travel Café will encourage attendees to linger through the use of live and entertaining programs and demonstrations, as well as an array of multi-media displays showcasing destinations represented at the Show.  In short you can grab a bite, rest a spell and pick out a new vacation destination all at the same time, this year in the new Travel Café

 Stay tuned for the 2017 Travel Cafe Schedule!    


Marty Koch’s Outdoor Adventures

After guiding thousands of people on paddle trips throughout the Ozarks and the wilderness lakes of the Boundary Waters and Quetico Provincial Park, Marty  has gained a reputation as a great camp cook. With the the wide array of shelf stable foods available in most large supermarkets the bland freeze dried meals no longer need to be endured. Marty’s highly entertaining, hands on cooking shows demonstrate how to eat well while camping, paddling or traveling in the wilds of America. Each show features the preparation of a main dish and desert. Marty’s demonstrations are fast paced and humor filled and fun for the whole family. 

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Kid’s Trout Fishing in Tackle Town

No need to leave the kids at home. Bring the kids to the Kid’s Trout Fishing Pond to try their hand at fishing in Tackle Town.

Fly Casting Pond

Test your skills at our 180 foot fly casting pond. From beginners to experts, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with the pros who can help you improve your skills or get you started. You can also watch demonstrations from the experts, who are happy to teach you the art of fly casting. Find it in the Quiet Sports and Travel & Tourism Pavilion.

Peak Adventure Rock Wall!

Are you ready for the Rock? This custom designed mobile rock wall stands 24 feet tall and adds a dash of extreme sports to the show! Located in the Quiet Sports and Travel & Tourism Pavilion, the Wall is open to anyone who wants to give rock climbing a try. The Wall has been one of the most popular exhibits at past shows and with the increasing popularity of the X-games, more people will climb the rock wall this year than ever before!

Discover Scuba with Diver’s Supply

Diver’s Supply lets you experience the thrill of scuba diving through their interactive “Discover Scuba” display in the Quiet Sports and Travel & Tourism Pavilion. Under the supervision of a Diver’s Supply Professional, you’ll experience scuba diving in pool or pool-like conditions. You’ll be taught the basic concepts and scuba skills to prepare for your own open water adventure. You’ll discover excitement and adventure – freedom and serenity. Nothing compares to the “weightless” exhilaration of breathing underwater. Only a diver knows the feeling! Find out more about them at their website www.diverssupplyindy.com

Kid’s Day – Saturday, February 25th

Kids love coming to our show!!  And on Saturday, February 25th they’ll love it, even more!  Stay tuned for more details!






DNR Programs

To celebrate 100 years of Indiana State Parks the DNR has a great series of educational programs designed to teach the public as much as possible about birds and snakes. You won’t want to miss these great displays at the show!

Van Hal Canoes

The dream of canoeing started for John Van Hal when he was just a kid. After working a few summer jobs, he and his brother had enough money to buy an 18-foot fiberglass canoe. One of his many adventures included a trip down the Des-Moines River from the source in Minnesota to Fort Dodge, Iowa. Even after weathering a tornado less than 1⁄2 mile from their camp he was hooked on canoeing.

John can clearly remember sitting in the boat with his dad, drawing plans for a wooden boat when he was 12 years old. He dreamt of the day when he could build his own. His dreams spawned a reality in 1986, when he built his first redwood strip canoe. During the building process, he realized that he was doing what he loved most, designing and constructing wood strip canoes. He started vanhalcanoes.com which has become a second passion for John. The shop is in Mooresville, IN.

The adventure of exploring new places and enjoying nature around us is something that John has loved since he was a kid. He says “being able to maneuver through a powerful river or a serene lake in a wood strip canoe is indescribable. If you’ve ever banged around in a metal canoe you’ll immediately notice the quietness of a wood strip canoe. My admiration for the outdoors and natural materials is evident in the care that I put into constructing every wood strip canoe.”

John Van Hal will be at the show to demonstrate and answer your questions about the building process whether you are building one yourself or are just interested in the process.

Antique Outboard Boat and Motor Exhibit

One of the great aspects of the Indy Boat Sport &Travel Show is the fact that folks can come and see the Latest, most innovative and up to date gear for outdoor men & women. Our 62nd Indy Boat Sport & Travel Show again is proud to add a special educational element to the event as Jay Walls and Rick Eichrodt will be displaying their Antique Outboard Motors and Boats for anyone who wishes to see how far outboard boat motors have come.

  Their display will have over 60 motors, several over 100 years old, and a few factory racing models. Rick and Jay are both local members of the Antique Outboard Motor Club which is an International organization whose fundamental purpose is to provide a means of communication for those who are interested in research and exchange of knowledge pertaining to the history and preservation of antique outboard boat motors. Jay says that during show hours the antique outboard display booth will have knowledgeable club members available who can answer questions about motors or the hobby. Come see this blast from the past at the Indy Boat Sport &Travel Show. 

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