February 17 – 26, 2017 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS

Listed below are the 2016 speakers. Stay tuned for the 2017 list!

The Legends – Forrest Wood, Jerry McKinnis, Billy Murray and Bobby

Plenty of stories will be shared when these legendary anglers and fathers of the modern fishing industry will come together for the Fishing Legends Panel on February 20th. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness and interact with this historic gathering of fishing greats.


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Spence Petros

Deadliest Tactics for Spring Panfish
These cold water tactics generally outfish minnows. One involves finessing crappies and bluegills with ice-fishing tactics, the other using small slivers of plastics on 1/64 oz. (and smaller) jigs under a float. I’ll cover where to look for the best early season action, strategies, and the presentations.

Off-Beat Tactics for More and Larger Muskies
Often thinking outside the box is the answer for success. My first big one came from Conneaut Lake in Western Pennsylvania in 1979, and many more have followed by executing techniques that are a little “different”. Some of the more rewarding tactics have been jigging inside turns, trolling bucktails and spinnerbaits, de-tuned crankbaits, and using suckers behind boards.

How to Catch Summer Panfish
Most anglers think Spring is THE TIME for panfish, but summer fishing can be just as good if you know what you are doing. The two tactics covered will be open water trolling with double jig rigs, and deep-water spoon-fishing for giant bluegills. The double jig rigs are best for shallow to medium depth lakes, while the deep-water spoon-fishing is the key for those tough deeper, clearer lakes.

 About Spence Petros

Kyle Schoenherr Courtesy of B’n'M Poles


About Kyle Schoenherr

Joe Thomas

Modern Bass Fishing Techniques From the Tournament Trail
25-Year BASS Tournament Veteran and Outdoor Channel TV host Joe Thomas demonstrates modern Bass lures and techniques sure to help you catch more fish. From beginner to the seasoned angler, there is something for everyone!

About Joe Thomas

Mike DelVisco

All Season Soft Plastics
Too many plastic baits in your box not getting used? If you’re like many anglers, you have an abundance of plastics that don’t get used. Well, dust them off and get ready to learn Mike’s process for picking the right plastic for the job all year long.

Ice Out Bassin
Timely bass fishing tips if you want to catch some bass as soon as the ice is out. Great cure for cabin fever as Mike talks about some of his favorite and obscure baits used early in the season.

Cranking Up Springtime Bass
Learn all you need to be productive in using and selecting crankbaits leading into Spring. Mike makes the process simple from location to technique to make you a better crankbait angler.

 About Mike DelVisco

Jacob Wheeler

Top Water Fishing Made Easy
Jacob talks about his favorite top-water techniques to throw in each season of the year.

The Importance of Knowing Your Electronics
Jacob breaks down how he sets up the electronics in his own boat and how to dial in your own electronics so they perform to their maximum ability.

How to Break Down Your Own Lake
Have you ever wondered how a pro would break down your lake? Well, Jacob will show you how by using maps and your electronics.

About Jacob Wheeler


Russ Bailey Courtesy of B’n'M Poles

About Russ Bailey

Mike Hulbert

Great Lakes Musky Fishing

Lake St. Clair Musky Fishing

About Mike Hulbert

Dan Armitage

Kids’ Fishing Fun
Dan presents an interactive program for beginning anglers of all ages. Topics include how to select and use basic tackle, bobbers and cane poles.

About Dan Armitage

Mark Randolph

Indiana Bass Fishing in a Nutshell

The Difference Between the Successful Pros and the Rest of Us

About Mark Randolph

Chae Dolsen

Hunting Musky in Indiana
Chae covers everything from lakes to lures and what will keep those Muskies biting!

About Chae Dolsen

Gilbert Huxley

Carp Fishing 101

About Gilbert Huxley




Jay Couch

Going Vertical for Reservoir Walleye
Jay covers the spoon, blade baits and jig presentation for walleyes in reservoir, lake and river systems. This includes the equipment, rod, reel, electronics, tips, tricks and more!

Trolling for Walleye with Offshore Tackle Inline Planer Boards
Jay shares his insight into deep water trolling techniques and presentations. He covers the different styles of trolling off-shore tackle inline planer boards, to flat-lining crank baits, and the equipment and electronics with tips and tricks.

About Jay Couch

Billy McDonald

Shallow Water Fishing Year Round 

Deep Water Ledge Fishing With Different Baits

Smallmouth Bass Fishing in the Great Lakes

About Billy McDonald

Scott Wiseman – IN Catfish Assoc.

General Catfishing

Knowing the Correct Bait to Use

Scott Wiseman

Matt Firestein

Trolling Methods to Improve Your Catch Rate – On Any Body of Water!
Targeting your fish by using particular trolling methods – whether it’s jig, downrigger, flat-lining or another method – is a smart way to improve your catch rate!

Casting Basics
So you just want to catch a fish? There’s a lot that goes into it – and these casting basics will have you reeling them in pronto!

Catch & Release – and Everything in Between on Lake St. Clair
Big fish, little fish, lots of fish. Whatever your goal, the anticipation of the catch, the thrill of the release – on Lake St. Clair it’s an experience you won’t soon forget or match somewhere else! 

About Matt Firestein

Matt Morgan

Catching Crappie 12 Months of the Year

Ask the Pros: Crappie Fishing

The Right Equipment to Catch Crappie All Year

About Matt Morgan

Tommy Thornton

Jig Fishing in Brush

Drop and Retrieve Technique

Fun Fishing

Crappie Fishing on Patoka Lake

About Tommy Thornton


Marques Green

Jerkbait Basics
Learn the fundamentals of one of the most productive baits used in the springtime. Everything you’ll need to know about jerkbaits is shared by Marques!

About Marques Green

Mike Kail

Multi Species Fishing in the Same Day on Lake Michigan

Mike Kail

Lance Valentine

Sonar Basics and Beyond

About Lance Valentine 

Sam Heaton – Courtesy of B’n'M Poles

About Sam Heaton

Chris Wallace – IN Catfish Assoc.

Catching More and Bigger Fish

Catfish Conservation

Catfish Tournaments 


Indiana Trophy Catfishing

About Chris Wallace

Charles Breedlove – IN Catfish Assoc.

Drift Fishing for Catfish

About Charles Breedlove

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