February 16 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
Spence Petros

Spence Petros

Deadliest Tactics for Spring Panfish
These cold water tactics generally outfish minnows. One involves finessing crappies and bluegills with ice-fishing tactics, the other using small slivers of plastics on 1/64 oz. (and smaller) jigs under a float. I’ll cover where to look for the best early season action, strategies, and the presentations.

Off-Beat Tactics for More and Larger Muskies
Often thinking outside the box is the answer for success. My first big one came from Conneaut Lake in Western Pennsylvania in 1979, and many more have followed by executing techniques that are a little “different”. Some of the more rewarding tactics have been jigging inside turns, trolling bucktails and spinnerbaits, de-tuned crankbaits, and using suckers behind boards.

How to Catch Summer Panfish
Most anglers think Spring is THE TIME for panfish, but summer fishing can be just as good if you know what you are doing. The two tactics covered will be open water trolling with double jig rigs, and deep-water spoon-fishing for giant bluegills. The double jig rigs are best for shallow to medium depth lakes, while the deep-water spoon-fishing is the key for those tough deeper, clearer lakes.

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