February 16 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
Swampmaster Alligator Show Feb. 24-26 only

Swampmaster Alligator Show Feb. 24-26 only

The Swampmaster’s Gator Show and Exhibit will delight folks of all ages and offers an educational attraction to families.

Educational and entertaining, demonstrating natural and aggressive behaviors that most patrons have never seen before! Watch as the Swampmaster catches and 8 foot, 200 lb Alligator with his bare hands! Thrills, laughter, as well as valuable information for all ages! Your children can even hold a baby alligator safely and have their picture taken by the expert handler, Jeff Quattrocchi.

Based on education, presentation and conversation, the Swampmaster Alligator show is recognized by AZA Institutions as well as Fish & Game Commissions as an effective, Humane, Public Awareness Program about the American Alligator.

Florida, being the first Tourist destination in the World, has almost two million alligator’s living in the wild. Education has always been the best way to alert people about these magnificent reptiles.

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