February 16 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
The Canadian Experience

The Canadian Experience

 Step off the floatplane and into the wilds of the Canadian bush.  No, you’re not really in the great Northwoods, but that’s how it looks, feels, smells and tastes.  Visitors to the Travel and Tourism Pavilion at this year’s Ford, Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show, you see, can take in “The Canadian Experience” – a one-of-a-kind, display featuring some of the most unique and defining elements of the Canadian wilderness lodge vacation. 

Beach your Lund fishing boat along the rocky shoreline of a walleye-filled Canadian Shield lake and experience a traditional Canadian shore lunch prepared before your very eyes.  It’s one of the most memorable highlights of any Northwoods fishing trip.  Next, leave the beach behind and step into the boreal forest – the defining and unmistakable Canadian landscape filled with jack pine, spruce, white birch and trembling aspen.  Climb into a hunting stand and find yourself surrounded by moose, black bears and other iconic, Canadian wildlife.  Finally, return to the ground and take a few more steps into our authentic Canadian camp.  Move past your pickup truck and ATVs, then enter the cabin and see what’s waiting for you inside.  It’s all purposefully designed and constructed to give visitors a glimpse into the very best of the Northwoods experience.

If you have ever wondered if a Canadian wilderness or resort vacation is right for you or your family – or long to return to the Canadian wilderness of your memories — come to the Travel and Tourism Pavilion and participate in “The Canadian Experience”.  Then visit with the dozens of Canadian lodges and outfitters exhibiting in the Travel and Tourism Pavilion, any one of which can make your Canadian dreams come true.

The Canadadian Experience is located in the Pepsi Coliseum Travel and Tourism Section.

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