Tickets to Adventure

By Mike Schoonveld The phrase “ticket to adventure” is a trite expression used by any number of enterprises trying to convince a person to pay the price of admission. “Buy a ticket to adventure and the doors will open to the experience of a lifetime,” they say. The promise may come from a carnival barker […]

Question Number One

By Mike Schoonveld Take a survey of all the resorts, travel destinations, fishing guides and charter services populating the booths at the Ford 65th Annual Indianapolis Boat Sport Travel Show and ask them what’s the most often asked question they hear from show attendees. I bet their answer would be, “What’s the best time to […]

The Best Fishing is Where You Find it

By Josh Lantz Sometimes, it’s right here in Indiana I’ve had a passion for fishing as long as I can remember. With some luck and hard work, I’ve turned it into a long and rewarding career—not as a tournament angler, but as a fishing guide, an outdoor communicator and, today, as a PR and marketing […]