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Tackle Town

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Fishing is America’s most popular recreational pastime, and your angling passion is the inspiration behind Tackle Town – the 70,000 square-foot all-things-angling marketplace greeting all visitors as they enter the Ford, Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show.

Remember the huge boxes you like to rummage through at the back of your local tackle shop? You never know what little gems may be waiting for you in there until you’ve made it all the way to the bottom. We’re kind of like that, but with a handy exhibitor list and directory. Like your neighborhood bait shop on steroids, Tackle Town shows visitors over 100 unique exhibitors offering cutting edge, hard-to-find fishing tackle, gear and accessories at special show prices.

Of course, there’s more than fishing tackle at Tackle Town. You’ll also find boating accessories and fiberglass repair and restoration. Learn the latest tricks and techniques from the nation’s top fishing pros at daily seminars conducted atop the 4,000-gallon Hawg Trough – a massive aquarium loaded with all manner of lunker gamefish. Need more angling intel? You control the topics of discussion at our innovative, Fishing Camp: Ask the Pros interactive seminar series.

Tackle Town has everything for the fisherman or fishing family, including charter fishing captains and guides who can take you to the big ones, the Kids’ Zone, and an incredible array of other interesting events and attractions. Isles and isles of unique fishing tackle that you won’t find anywhere else!

Travel & Tourism Pavilion

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The lure of the great outdoors tugs on visitors throughout the entire Ford, Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show, but the undeniable force may be greatest inside the 50,000 square-foot Travel and Tourism Pavilion – the definitive place to plan your next family vacation, fishing trip, wilderness hunt or other unique outdoor excursion.

What makes the Travel and Tourism Pavilion truly unique is the fact that so many of the exhibitors are actual owners or operators of the lodges, resorts, camps or facilities they represent.  When you plop down your hard-earned dollars for any kind of trip, it is extra-nice to meet and chat with the actual folks in charge.  And the fact that you’re dealing direct means more of your money stays in your pocket.

“You’re going where?  You’re doing what?”  We can hear your jealous buddies now.

With private, local, state and even national travel professionals representing exciting destinations in over 25 states and various Canadian provinces, no matter what kind of travel experience you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find it for a super price at the Travel and Tourism Pavilion.

State Farm Boat Pavilion

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Being boaters ourselves, we don’t think there’s any other single item a family can spend its money on that yields more smiles, enjoyment and great memories.  That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire 180,000 square-foot building at the Ford, Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show to boats, boating-lifestyle products and accessories.

K-9 X Games presented by Alpha K9 U

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 K-9 X Games Demos/Shows are performances by the Alpha K-9 U Crew exhibiting K-9 obedience and the different Dock-Diving sport disciplines such as X-treme Retrieve, X-treme Vertical and added to the lineup, the newest discipline, X-treme Air!  Joining the Alpha K9 U Crew are Invited Teams demonstrating K-9 obedience skills and/or the most popular dock-diving sport discipline known as Big Air (“Long Jump) in this thrilling K-9 sport.

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RV Pavilion

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These rolling beauties aren’t your Papaw’s RV’s.  From motor homes to tent campers, today’s state-of-the-art, mobile getaways are engineered and constructed to be lighter, more durable, more comfortable and easier to use and own than ever before.

Indiana is the RV world’s cradle of life.  We make ‘em, and we love ‘em.  The Ford Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show celebrates these facts by dedicating two massive, buildings to showcase and honor the finest selection of top brand motor homes, travel trailers, fifth wheels and tent campers we could possibly assemble. With over 180,000 square feet of RV’s, you are sure to find one that suites you best!

Ask the Pros Seminar Series

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Ask the Pros Seminar Series

The Ask the Pros Fishing Seminar Series provides a unique seminar format that puts show goers into direct contact with the seminar speakers. It is an interactive forum, providing invaluable opportunities for seminar attendees to ask the questions most important to them.

Ask the Pros – B’n’M Crappie Pro Panel

If you are a crappie fisherman or want to be, don’t miss these exciting panel discussions by the experts.  It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran or novice crappie fisherman, you’ll learn tips, tricks and techniques on how to catch more crappie.  These sessions are moderated by Matt Morgan, founder of the American Crappie Trail.  With partner Kent Watson, Matt has captured 2 National Championships, 2 State Championships and several regional wins. Fishing professionally since 2008, Matt continues to push the level of competition and the industry as a whole.

Ask the Pros – Walleye Pro Panel

Walleye fishing can be tricky business but once you’ve landed one you’ll be addicted. Attend these sessions and you’ll be much better prepared to catch the big one.  In the Ask The Pros format, you the show visitor, control the questions! So come prepared to participate and learn everything you want to know from the experts.

Saturday, February 17th  1:00 pm:  B‘n’M Crappie Pro Panel: Kent Watson, Russ Bailey, Steve Coleman, Matt Morgan – Moderator

Saturday, February 17th  3:00 pm:  Walleye Pro Panel: Ed Stachowski, Jason Przekurat, Michael Parks, Dan Armitage – Moderator

Sunday, February 18th    1:00 pm:  Walleye Panel: Ed Stachowski, Jason Przekurat, Michael Parks, Dan Armitage – Moderator

Sunday, February 18th    3:00 pm:  B‘n’M Crappie Pro Panel: Kent Watson, Russ Bailey, Steve Coleman, Matt Morgan – Moderator

Saturday, February 24    1:00 pm:   B‘n’M Crappie Pro Panel: Kent Watson, Ronnie Capps, Russ Bailey, Matt Morgan – Moderator

Sunday, February 25       1:00 pm:   B‘n’M Crappie Pro Panel: Kent Watson, Ronnie Capps, Russ Bailey, Matt Morgan – Moderator

Sunday, February 25       3:00 pm:   Walleye Pro Panel: Mark Brumbaugh, Mark Martin, Michael Parks, Dan Armitage – Moderator

The K9 Crew Trick Dog Show

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K9 Crew Trick Dog Show wows audiences with high jumps, back flips, balancing acts and more!

They are ordinary dogs doing the extraordinary: jaw-dropping air stunts, back flips, extreme high jumps, balancing acts, dog dancing and more, all as part of the K9 Crew Trick Dog Show.

Some of the Crew had a rough start – unwanted or discarded – rescued from shelters. But under the direction of husband and wife trainers Tony and Sarah Hoard, not only do the dogs have a great new home, but they have gone on to perform with the Indianapolis & Baltimore Symphony’s, Super Bowl XLVI Village & Fan Experience and as semifinalists on “America’s Got Talent. They have also appeared on Animal Planet and Good Morning America.

The family-oriented K9 Crew Trick Dog Show will perform at the Ford Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show February 16 – 25. The show will include Elektra – the show “diva,” Sprocket – flying disc fanatic; and Mowgli the comedian, named after the main character in The Jungle Book.

Tony Hoard, A.K.A. “The Dog Guy of New Castle”, combines energetic, innovative and cutting-edge presentations with some the coolest collection of performance trick dogs in the entertainment industry. A Four Time World Champion Frisbee Dog handler, Tony and his Crew are based in New Castle, Indiana.

The Crew travels the country performing over 300 shows a year educating the importance of keeping our dogs happy and healthy through good exercise and good nutrition. With an emphasize on positive reinforcement & toy motivation training, Tony and his talented team of handlers spread the word of Pet adoption as most of the Performing pets have been adopted or rescued from Shelters throughout the Country. The K9 Crew Trick Dog Show, showcases Trick Freestyle Frisbee, “Extreme Box” Jumping, Canine Grand Prix Agility, Canine Comedy.

“Inside every dog there is an incredible dog,” Hoard says. “They are just waiting for you to find that thing for them to excel at.

Get ready Dog Lovers! For “The K9 Crew Trick Dog Show”

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Fishing Seminars at the Hawg Trough

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Come learn the latest techniques from nationally known anglers at our fishing seminars conducted atop the Hawg Trough. This 4,000 gallon aquarium measuring an astounding 40’ long, 4’ wide and 8’ deep, is one of the show’s leading attractions and fits nicely in the heart of Tackle Town. Here visitors can receive expert information from the pros as they watch various seminars conducted throughout the show. Watch in amazement as the best anglers in the country share their secrets and catch fish right before your eyes! Don’t forget to check out our speakers page for this year’s lineup!

Antique Outboard Motor and Boat Display

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If you’ve ever wondered how far the outboard motor industry has come, you won’t want to miss the Antique Outboard Motor and Boat Display presented by Jay Walls and Rick Eichrodt.

This collection contains over 70 motors (several over 100 years old) and a few factory racing models from the great HP race in the 1930’s. Rick and Jay are both local members of the Antique Outboard Motor Club which is an International organization whose fundamental purpose is to provide a means of communication for those who are interested in research and exchange of knowledge pertaining to the history and preservation of antique outboard boat motors. The Antique Outboard Motor and Boat Display will be staffed with knowledgeable club members who can answer your questions about motors or the hobby. Come see this blast from the past.

Travel Cafe

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After guiding thousands of people on paddle trips throughout the Ozarks and the wilderness lakes of the Boundary Waters and Quetico Provincial Park, Marty has gained a reputation as a great camp cook. With the wide array of shelf-stable foods available in most large supermarkets, the bland freeze-dried meals no longer need to be endured. Marty’s highly entertaining, hands-on cooking shows demonstrate how to eat well while camping, paddling or traveling in the wilds of America. Each show features the preparation of a main dish and dessert. Marty’s demonstrations are fast-paced, humor-filled and fun for the whole family.


Hidden Creek is Indiana’s premier gated camp resort, offering the highest level of security and all-inclusive amenities. Brand new and opening in 2018, Hidden Creek’s membership based model has something for the whole family and without any of the hassles. Enjoy the 6 acre lake and beach on this 95 acre paradise with Comcast WiFi and first class facilities.


Rock Gillson and his family are the owner/operators of Life of Riley Resort in Northeastern Minnesota on Beautiful Lake Vermilion. With almost 40 years in the resorting business, Rock has seen it all. Being an outdoor enthusiast his entire life gives him a unique perspective on different ecosystems and how they function; specifically fishing in Northern Shield Lakes. If you are interested in what makes northern waters tick, want the inside scoop on how to best approach certain species during certain seasons, or just want to hear a snapshot of a lifetime of fishing stories, stop by the Travel Cafe for “Fishing Northern Shield Lakes” with Rock Gillson.


The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCG Aux) is the uniformed auxiliary component of the United States Coast Guard (USCG). Each year, the USCG Auxiliary conducts over 150,000 safety examinations of recreational vessels, and provides boater safety instruction to over 500,000 students. U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary boating courses provide instruction to boaters at all levels, from the fundamental to the advanced. Classes are taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors committed to the highest standards of the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Kid’s Trout Fishing in Tackle Town

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No need to leave the kids at home. Bring the kids to the Kid’s Trout Fishing Pond to try their hand at fishing in Tackle Town.

Peak Adventure Rock Wall!

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Are you ready for the Rock? This custom designed mobile rock wall stands 24 feet tall and adds a dash of extreme sports to the show! Located in the Travel & Tourism Pavilion, the Wall is open to anyone who wants to give rock climbing a try. The Wall has been one of the most popular exhibits at past shows and with the increasing popularity of the X-games, more people will climb the rock wall this year than ever before!

Kid’s Day – Saturday, February 24th

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Kid’s Day Giveaway!  
Kids love coming to our show!! And on Saturday, February 24th they’ll love it, even more! The first 500 kids through the door will receive a cane pole kit!

The Indiana Hunter Education Program continues to promote “Safe Hunting”
The Treestand Safety seminar demonstrates the safest way to hunt from an elevated position. Topics include proper use of a Fall Arrest System and a Full Body Harness, types of elevated hunting platforms (treestands), and suspension relief, as well as, self-rescue and other safety tips. The demonstration will be presented by certified Master Treestand Safety Instructors, Indiana Conservation Officer Tony Mann and Hunter Education Instructor Stephen Spencer.

The Hunter Education Program is administered by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Law Enforcement Division. This event will take place at the Deer, Turkey & Waterfowl Exposition.

Kids’ Fishing Fun
Dan presents an interactive program for beginning anglers of all ages. Topics include how to select and use basic tackle, bobbers and cane poles.

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DNR Programs

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To celebrate over 100 years of Indiana State Parks the DNR has a great series of educational programs designed to teach the public as much as possible about birds and snakes. You won’t want to miss these great displays at the show!

DNR LE Canines – Saturday 2/24:

Members of the Indiana Conservation Officers K-9 team will be here with their k-9 partners.  The public will have the opportunity to witness demonstrations of how these dogs are used to detect wildlife, conduct evidence searches and man tracking.  The public will also have the opportunity to interact with the officers and their K-9 partners on a personal level.

Snakes – Sunday 2/18 and Saturday 2/24:

Jarrett Manek and staff of O’Bannon Woods State Park perform the “Snakes Alive, Snake Buffett”  ; bringing a dozen native species of snakes, both venomous and non-venomous to look at in a safe, but close environment.  From large to small, these snakes provoke intrigue and lots of stories for kids and parents alike.  Whether you are young or old, you can get the opportunity to see these unusual animals up close and maybe even touch a non-venomous one.

Birds – Saturday 2/17 and Sunday 2/25:

The education raptors from Hardy Lake’s Dwight Chamberlain Raptor center are non-releasable birds of prey that travel throughout the State as education ambassadors.  The raptor center at Hardy Lake also serves as one of our State owned bird of prey rehabilitation center and takes in, on average, 100 injured or orphaned birds each year.  The center is run through a cooperative effort between the Indiana Division of State Parks and the non-profit group Friends of Hardy Lake.


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Don’t miss our huge selection of powersports off-road vehicles and accessories! From ATVs, side by sides, UTVs, to parts and accessories to deck out your favorite off-road vehicle, we have it all. Check out all the powersports exhibitors in the Blue Ribbon Pavilion.